Manufacturing Processes

Every HL Performance Converters converter is prepped and assembled to the highest standards in order to provide the finest quality in the industry. Quality is often sacrificed for quick profits, but not at HL Performance Converters. We view our quality benchmark standards as the key to maintaining customers for life, and every customer is more than just a customer. You are our friends and partners.

Instead of assembled in a distant country, each HL Performance Converters product is manufactured and assembled in the U.S. by trained and certified experts who follow a rigorous multi-step and quality-sensitive processes. We call our assembly processes our Bill of Operation as they flow as follows:

1. Core Selection
2. Preliminary Inspection
3. Tear Down
4. Cleaning
5. Secondary Inspection
6. Machining
7. Component Modification
8. Sub Assembly
9. Final Inspection
10. Hand Assembly
11. Precision Welding
12. External Measurement
13. Pressure Testing
14. Spin Balance
15. Final Product Certification

When installing a HL Performance Converters converter, you can rest assured you have chosen the finest torque converter available for the vehicles of your customers. Quality, dependability, durability and performance are the benefits realized from our products. We take pride in the workmanship of every torque converter we deliver.

Dealers and Distributors

We encourage inquiries from dealers and distributors. Please send e-mail to to initiate the process.