At HL Performance Converters we take pride in the workmanship found in every one of the converters delivered to our customers. Let’s take a look and see what goes into a typical HL Performance Converter.


The Core selection comes from a vast inventory of specific converters that are sourced throughout the United States.

Once the cores are inspected they are disassembled and prepared for a thorough cleaning.

Many of the covers receive new drive lugs to insure proper fit to the flexplate.

The stator assemblies are thoroughly cleaned and completely rebuilt.

Each converter is hand assembled by technicians with many years of experience.

Once assembled, the converters are placed on a conveyor and moved to the body welding station.

The automated body welding machine places a precision bead of weld joining the cover to the impeller.

After the body weld takes place the converters are leak checked and then spin balanced.

A new coat of paint is applied and then the converter is packaged with new hardware and installation instructions.