Silver Series

The Need for Speed


HL Performance Converters’s Silver Seriesof torque converters are for serious minded performance enthusiasts. The Silver Series offer additional strength and durability features not found in the Spec Series. Turbines and impellers include copper furnace brazing throughout the entire assembly for substantially improved strength and efficiency. Your engine will feel like it just had a heart transplant!Silver Series converters also include a turbine hub, CNC machined from 4340 alloy steel to eliminate the possibility of stripped splines, which makes them suitable for use behind a serious small block engine. These torque converters can handle big blocks as well. If you have ever tattoo-ed a street, you know exactly the performance HL Performance Converters’s Silver Series delivers. The Silver Series is available for most transmissions in 2000, 2500 and 3200 RPM stall speeds.

General Specifications for HL Performance Converters’s Silver Series

* Pressure tested by expert, trained and certified torque converter technicians
* Precision balanced on certified balance equipment
* Fixture welded to maintain perpendicularity and concentricity
* New precision alloy steel impeller hub
* New CNC machined steel alloy turbine hub
* Copper furnace brazed impeller and turbine