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about us

HL Performance Converters is a manufacturer of rebuilt torque converters for a wide variety of transportation and recreation applications such as performance, cruisers, 4x4s, RVs and hauling. As a company, we are proud to offer precision manufactured torque converters at affordable prices. HL Performance Converters ships wholesale to auto parts distributors, auto parts stores, transmission and auto repair shops on 3 continents — North America, Central America and South America. Yes, we speak Spanish.

HL Performance Converters focus exclusively on manufacturing and rebuilding torque converters. This is our specialty and our niche and the satisfaction of our customers is why we have experienced phenomenal growth, even in a sluggish economy. Every torque converter is carefully manufactured with precise engineering by highly skilled technicians. These converters are designed to provide many years of trouble-free service and reliability.

When installing a HL Performance Converters converter, you can rest assured you have chosen the finest quality torque converter on the market for your customers. Your satisfaction with our products is our primary goal and we do everything to make you happy! You are always right! We believe that we only have one opportunity to make you a customer and partner for life, and we work tirelessly to make you and your business successful. We believe there is no other torque converter company in the market with the combination of product quality, exceptional customer service and product price who can compete with HL Performance Converters!

Performance Converters

HL Performance Converters offers 3 distinct product lines. The Gold Series line is designed for extreme high performance situations such as off-roading and muscle cars. The Silver Series is intended for demanding performance enthusiasts. And the Spec Series torques are engineered for stock small block engines, such as cruisers and street rods.

We are currently talking to our customers, engineers and partners to develop the next generation of torque converter products and we will announce new offerings soon.

A History Of Success

HL Performance Converters launched in 2007 when founder Hilton Lara was downsized from a performance auto parts manufacturer after 25 years of loyal service, but being let go from the company he served for over 2 decades didn’t deter Mr. Lara from continuing his work and career. As it turns out, Hilton Lara became an American success story.

During those 25 years of long hours of work and learning about auto parts manufacturing, Hilton, an immigrant from El Salvador, worked his way up the production ladder until he was managing the company’s torque converter manufacturing division. Upon receiving the news of the company’s plant closure and the relocation of its corporate headquarters, Hilton successfully negotiated the purchase of the company’s torque converter manufacturing equipment with the executive management, and 30 days later, Hilton Lara was in business as HL Performance Converters.

Leveraging his tremendous work ethic, dedication to quality and extensive manufacturing and torque converter product knowledge, Mr. Lara has grown the company every year since its inception. With product research and development, streamlined manufacturing processes, and a focus on customer service, marketing and sales, HL Performance Converters is poised to grow well into the future.