Gold Series

The Gold Standard for Torque Converters


The Gold Series converters not only feature full furnace brazing on the turbine and impeller, and they also include anti-balloon plates on the impeller and the front cover. The anti-balloon plate feature is a must for those who have plate style nitrous systems. Nitrous systems create so much instant horsepower many torque converters may balloon (expand) under the stress.

The Gold Series is available for most transmissions in 2000, 2500 and 3200 RPM stall speeds.


General Specifications for HL Performance Converters’s Gold Series

* Pressure tested by expert, trained and certified torque converter technicians
* Precision balanced on certified balance equipment
* Fixture welded to maintain perpendicularity and concentricity
* New precision alloy steel impeller hub
* New CNC machined steel alloy turbine hub
* Furnace brazed impeller and turbine
* Anti-balloon plates welded to impeller and cover